What is Al-têntico?

AL-TÊNTICO, proposes a differentiating response in the accommodation sector, providing accommodation and including interaction with the host, the local environment and a whole range of experiences that enjoy authenticity, which the Algarve region guarantees for itself and Tavira, as representative territory of the Mediterranean Diet for the Unesco Intangible Heritage, since 2013, represents!

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Holiday experiences

We do not for less, we are at your service, offering a set of experiences throughout the year. From the offer of family fun, gastronomy, events, nature, culture, leisure and nautical sports, golf, among others, whether custom or package, can count on us to provide the best holidays with the best experiences.

Golf reservations with discount

The Algarve has been considered over the last few years as one of the best golf sites in Europe. In this sense, we could not fail to provide the possibility of usufruct of this consolidated assets under more favorable conditions, so we have entered into agreements with the Benamor Golf Course, Quinta da Ria and Quinta de Cima. So we are able to organize your itinerary – from a single game to a different course every day. […]

Property management

We bet on a market differentiated by the quality and customization of the detail, so we only use superior products and services defined exclusively to the tastes and specific needs of each customer – unique and private. Strong commitment to the added value of networking – to provide a wide range of services, we use a set of carefully selected partners, while never taking full responsibility for the coordination and supervision of the work.


Tavira City
Tavira City
Tavira City
Tavira, city of churches’ pre-
sented by Peter Booker
Tavira is an old town, and in 1520 received its charter as
‘cidade’ from D Manuel I. At that time, it was the most
important town in the Algarve, and at the centre of
Portugal’s efforts at crusading conquest in Morocco.